“Safe Pet” First Aid and CPR Instruction

“Safe Pet” a Pet First Aid/ CPR program is offering an affordable way to help your Pets in an emergency situation and teach preventative solutions with classes open to the public in Bullhead City and the Tri State area.

Martin Ortiz

Martin Ortiz (Pet First Aid/ CPR Instructor) is a 10-year Army Veteran that learned lifesaving skills while serving in the Military, he is bringing his training and compassion for Animals together for the purpose of helping owners confidently attend to their pet’s emergency needs.

Martin completed an intensive nine-week Pet First Aid & CPR Instructor Training Course so that he can bring animal life-saving skills to his community.  According to his instructor, The Pet Safety Crusader™ (aka Denise Fleck), “Nine out of ten dogs and cats will experience a health emergency at some point in the lives.’ Knowing what to do before veterinary care is available is vital in helping them remain your faithful companion for years to come.”  Martin adds, “Since it is a considerable distance to 24-hour emergency care in our community, these classes will hopefully save canine and feline lives!”

Martin explained “Pet Safety is Our Mission”, Snake bites, heat strokes and rescue breathing are just are a few of the subjects that will be covered in the classes. “We are excited to join forces with “We Care for Animals” which help Community Cats in our area.

For more information please call Safe Pet at (928)296-2293

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