TNR Workshops

Please join us every Saturday from 2-3pm at the Sudden Link Community Center at 2380 3rd St/Sudden Link Way Bullhead City,AZ 86429.


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  1. Rebecca

    Yes, we spayed and neutered 62 cats.

  2. Frances Douglas

    We have quite a few stray cats in our neighborhood and in particular there are two gray cats, one female and one male that tend to keep coming to our home for food. The female seems to hang out a lot here but we cannot bring her in since we have a 16 year old schnauzer that is not cat friendly. If she is going to hang around here we would like to see if she can be spayed.

    My husband and I are retired and do not have a lot of money for spaying and neutering but would like to know if they have assistance to get this done since we have always had our dogs spayed and neutered over the years. We love animals but do not want a dozen of cats roaming our streets looking for food and a good home.

    Can you help us to get Ms. Kitty spayed and safe in our yard?

    Thank you

    1. Rebecca

      We can help if you are feeding and caring for the cats.

    2. Rebecca

      You certainly can get some help, I think we had already spoken about the event April 21st.

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